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ShaoxingCospack factoryAt Shaoxing CosPack Company, we offer everything a full-service Packaging and branding agency does and more… when working with us, you could choose to have us help you execute an existing concept or go from start to finish with our team of in-house specialists to create brand new innovative solution. Either way, when working with Shaoxing CosPack, you get access to years of experience working with materials across many different industries. You also get a team of specialist working within our walls to make sure that your project gets the attention it deserves. We think of ourselves as a one-stop shop for creative packaging solutions.

Our Service

Customized Solution

Bring in your own idea and allow us to help you execute or work with our in-house specialist to create a new concept from scratch. We also provide project guidance for cost effectiveness, production, manufacturing, material and finishing selection.

Design Development

Our teams can help you with both packaging structural and graphic design. The CAD design specialists provide consults and consideration for every project to ensure the best functionality and durability of your product with easy-to-assemble and display solutions.


We offer 3-phases and types of prototyping for client assurance and risk management. Our prototype phases include computer 3D rendering and product sample. Our experience thru the years and many projects has taught us to develop as close as possible to reality in order to minimize risk and maximize efficiency.


We don’t consider the project complete until it’s in your business’s hands. Our logistics team will make sure that regardless of your special needs, they manage and coordinate the process so that your finished products arrive safely and sound to the location of your choice.

Production process

  • 1. raw material

    1. raw material

    Raw head
  • 2. mould

    2. mould

    Mould supervisor
  • 3. Injection components

    3. Injection components

    Injection supervisor
  • 5. silk-screen printing

    4. silk-screen printing

    Printing Supervisor
  • 6. Assembly & Semi-inspection

    5. Assembly & Semi-inspection

    Assembly Supervisor
  • IMG_2195

    6.Quality testing

    Quality Control Supervisor
  • 7.2 Finished Pump & Cap packing

    7. Finished packing

    Packaging supervisor
  • 8. Waiting for shipping

    8. Waiting for shipping

    Warehouse Supervisor

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